“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Anonymous
The mentorship program at Inspiration Academy is designed to connect our students with faculty and staff in a way that encourages conversations about life and faith. We believe that mentorship and discipleship include three ingredients. Information, Imitation and Innovation. In mentorship we want to make sure that we are equipping our students with Godly teachings about how to live life. We want to open our lives as adults in a way that provides opportunities for the students to see how we live out the things we are teaching so that they may learn by imitating us. Finally, we want to give them the opportunities to own their lives and faith by innovating how they can live out the teachings of Christ and the things they have witnessed in how we are attempting to apply them to our lives.

Mentorship happens in a formal way on Friday afternoons. Students meet in small groups with their assigned mentor. They may go over teachings from our chapel services or other material the mentor chooses. Other activities are done during this time as well with the hope that as we participate in various activities we learn how to live well together.

Mentorship happens in informal ways through regular contact with their assigned mentor throughout the week as well as other staff and students who are encouraging and pouring into each others lives.