Group Experience

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17 

Each year the whole school participates in Retreat.  During this time of community building each student is observed and the staff takes time to get to know them better.  After Retreat, students are paired with other students of varying grade-levels and 1-2 adult mentors.  Mentorship Groups then happen in a formal, small-group way on Friday afternoons.  The main focus of this transformational time is on growing from the inside-out.  Mentors may choose to review teachings from our chapel services or other biblically-based material .  Other character-building activities are done during this time as well with the hope that as we participate in various activities we learn how to live and serve well together.   Mentorship continues to happen in informal ways through regular contact with their assigned mentor and  throughout the week, as well as other staff and students who are encouraging and pouring into each other’s lives.   

Boy Mentor Groups

Mr. Wilkes

Ian Wilkes        

Group Bio

Mr. Moorman

Whit Moorman     Group Bio

Mr. Emkey &     Mr. Hobson

Chris Emkey         Morne Hobson       Group Bio

Mr. Dwyer &      Mr. Madden

Ciaran Dwyer      Sean Madden        Group Bio

Mr. Morley

Calvin Morley       Group Bio

Mr. Hobson

Ashley Hobson    Group Bio

Mr. Fitzsimmons & Mr. Jones

Jason Fitzsimmons  Jordan Jones             Group Bio

Mr. Mattes

Troy Mattes           Group Bio

Mr. Jimenez &    Mr. Speir

Mario Jimenez     Eddie Spier             Group Bio

Girl Mentor Groups

Mrs. Jones

Kara Jones       

Group Bio

Mrs. Evans

Robin Evans     Group Bio

Mrs. Sailer

Laura Sailer            Group Bio

Mrs. Metcalf

Kimberly Metcalf    Group Bio

Mrs. Schoenherr

Lauren Schoenherr       

Group Bio

Mrs. Caldwell

Jennifer Caldwell  Group Bio

Mrs. Jimenez

Kimber Jimenez     Group Bio

Mrs. Peters

Danette Peters      Group Bio

Mrs. Perez

Yvonne Perez      Group Bio