Director Mario Jimenez

Once you prove yourself as a collegiate level player, they will find YOU, not the other way around.


Think Again Before Attending ANOTHER College Showcase

In an effort to provide kids with the best opportunity to be exposed to college programs, parents are spending thousands on college showcases and camps. In some cases, it’s led to a money grab for programs who are not actually interested in your child. Colleges are getting really skilled at wording emails to make it seem like they have interest in you, when the reality is their only interest is in your entry fee.

When I was a college coach, I attended a showcase hosting eight different universities at one event. Seems like a good deal, several colleges onsite so kids get a chance to be seen by several potential teams. There is just one problem…one of the coaches from a college wasn’t even a coach! He was a player who attended that college and received $200 just for showing up and standing around with a clipboard. I can’t make this stuff up.

So how do you know which College Showcases to attend? Ask your high school coach. He has nothing to gain by sending you to certain showcases. The problem begins when kids are attending High Division I showcases who just aren’t good enough to play there. Ask multiple coaches where they think you could potentially play and ask them to be brutally honest.

If you are a baseball player in Florida, understand that Junior College Baseball and NCAA Division I are the same caliber of player, elite. Even Division II and NAIA schools in states like Florida, Texas or California are HIGHLY competitive. At Inspiration Academy we had 14 players get offers last year, that was 100% of our class and nearly all of them were accepted to out of state schools.

If you really want to play, keep your options open. Start from the lower level schools and work up from there, NOT the other way around. Once you prove yourself as a collegiate level player, they will find YOU, not the other way around.