This vibrant parent led organization is committed to supporting our various sports programs at Inspiration Academy from both a community and financial perspective. Their annual Monte Carlo night in October is a fun social event for friends of IA to enjoy a night out and raise funds for the sports programs. The club also runs the concessions stand at the Baseball field and other activities through the year. 

The club has contributed to the provision of new equipment for sports, has provided seed money for the creation of new sports at the school and annually earmarks a portion of its income to grow its capital fund which will assist with future sports capital projects. 


Events Calendar

Monte Carlo Night 2017

Senior Night

Baseball Opening Game

2017/18 Officers

Jeff Morrison



Rob Arakel



Heather Chadwick



Ciaran Dwyer

IA Board Liaison


John Platko

Baseball Rep


Dawn Hobson

Tennis Rep


Jordan Jones

Club Sports Rep